Jappy Bajaj is a Delhi based Bollywood dj who raps, writes songs, an anchor and a food vlogger.

A person who knows entertainment from close quarters from a very young age. From a man who faced hardships and dropped out of school to a person who believes in reforming the Indian entertainment quotient, Jappy Bajaj is the next happening celebrity. His easygoing charm and superb choice of words make occasions memorable. He is a self taught man who listens to his audience and makes them swoon over his music.

His persona combined with unique entertainment ideas make for great occasions. The Delhiites already regard him a youth icon due to his appeal and versatility. His production and remixing have solidified his place in the NCR entertainment space.

His recent attempt on food chronicling has marked a new facet to his “wholesome entertainer” tag. He turned his passion for food into an interesting vlog series.


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